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It's a frustrating but all too common experience to encounter slow or unobtainable websites as the direct result of overloaded servers. The use of shared servers can often result in your site becoming unavailable due to an error on someone else's site.

We take the hosting of our clients' sites seriously, offering hosting on our own fast dedicated servers placed on the UK's leading network for speed and reliability.

Servers are monitored 24/7 and sites are physically checked by a human being on a daily basis!

We give you a wealth of site statistics by using the award-winning LiveStats Log Analysis program, to which you have easy access via your own secure Web-based area. 

Our guarantee to you is that we will never overload our servers, thus ensuring maximum performance and reliability for your site, whatever its levels of traffic.

Should your site be busy enough to require its own dedicated server, we are able to give advice, and supply and install hardware and software and maintain your server for you.

Network and Server Environment
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Multi-link backbones for resilience
  • 1GB high performance backbones
  • Fast 4x 100Mb uplinks
  • Four levels of TCP/IP firewall protection
  • Back up power generators
  • Cisco network routers and switches
  • High service availability - 99.975% average
  • Optical and particle smoke detection system
  • FM200 fire suppression system
  • Temperature kept at 23 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity controlled

Server Security
  • Dedicated firewall protection
  • RAID drive arrays
  • Daily backups
Servers are protected from unwanted attacks by a dedicated firewall. Machines are thoroughly probed for any vulnerabilities using the best security scanners available, ensuring the most hardened of servers.  

Raid disk arrays allow disk mirroring of complete drives, so in the event of a disk failure, a mirror disk takes over and the data  is unaffected.  Backups are made of user data files to DAT tape and are rotated daily.

Email Security
  • Anti-virus email scanning by mail server
  • Anti-spam email protection
All email that passes through our mail servers is scanned for viruses.  Any virus found is stopped in its tracks, so clients do not unknowingly download and distribute the virus through their mail clients.

Mail also receives the "anti-spam" treatment to stop unsolicited email being passed on to our users.

Domain Names
Our clients' domain names are registered on our own Domain Name Server, which virtually eliminates propagation time when setting up new domains.

Secure Socket Layers
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) provides secure encrypted connections when dealing with sensitive information. We will register and install any digital security certificates required.  E-commerce and content management sites in particular will require a Secure Socket Layer.

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